Monday, June 21, 2010

Getting Referral Business

I Googled "referral business" and one of the top results was a website listing their top 5 tips for generating referral business. What was Tip #1?

1. Referrals always begin with providing your current customers with prompt, reliable, quality service. They’ll be happy to spread the word on your behalf—often without you having to ask.

No surprise here. SERVICE-SERVICE-SERVICE your clients as best you can at ALL TIMES. This is what value selling is all about. Going above and beyond to create an inimitable experience based around prompt, reliable, quality service. The kind of experience that your clients will want to climb to the mountain tops and shout about.

The simple truth is that excellent customer service is more rare than you think. You may believe that you have to make some major changes to how you do business to become the well rounded banker that you aspire to be. The odds are that you do not. Start by making small changes like:

- Having an upbeat attitude when you pick up the phone. (Clients can hear this and your positive energy can drive the conversation in the right direction).

- Spend more time listening to your clients. (They will tell you everything you need to know to close them IF you allow them to speak.)

- Keeping appointments for phone calls. (Your client's time is precious. Even if they are retired and home all day you should still stick to the schedule to show that you respect them.)

- Delivering good news quickly and bad news even faster. (My rate dropped? I'd love to know. My loan can't close? I NEED to know NOW.)

- Sending thank you cards to closed clients. (They make a huge impression but are undervalued by most salespeople??)

Quick Tip: Handle each client interaction as if you were selling your own mother or daughter. Show the respect and courtesy you would want them to be offered. Try it out and will guide you to give much better all around service.

How important is your career to you? Make the investment of time and effort to deliver the kind of service that will bring referral business in the future. Act NOW and reap the benefits tomorrow.
Happy Selling!

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