Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Why so Guarded?

I am noticing that CEO's of mortgage banks are very guarded when I first meet them. They are typically cordial, most are willing to listen, but nobody seems too eager to share too much information. My hunch is that they all want help, but they need to get to a tipping point of trust. There is a lot of posturing and gamesmanship, but once we break through the shell, the ideas flow.

It is like a therapy session once we crack through. I feel like I need to get a couch for them to lie on as they go on and on about their frustrations. About their hopes and aspirations. So I ask why be so guarded? Why do we have to go on 5 dates before they open up and speak about how they really feel and what they really want to accomplish..Just be honest up front, it would make both of our lives sooo much easier!

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