Sunday, April 4, 2010

Success: Do You Stand In Your Own Way?

Anyone working in the mortgage banking industry over the last decade has undoubtedly gone through a number of ups and downs. We've made plenty of mistakes, and looking back we all would've acted differently. It hasn't been easy and nobody is perfect. To go through so many challenges and continue in the industry, we've all adapted. We've honed new skills, widened (or tightened) our scope of services, increased our number of origination sources etc. As we all continue to adapt, we often do so with help from others, whether it be from co-workers (past or present), clients, third party vendors, investors, or consultants.

While many of us have looked to make some sort of transformation or improvement over the years, our approach is often a bit odd. Most people like to think they've figured it out, or at least pretend to have figured it out, and this stands in the way of improvement. It's almost human nature to be uncomfortable admitting flaws or a lack of knowledge. Many children are afraid to raise their hand to ask a question in class. Many adults fib to their doctor or dentist on how they're feeling. As I mentioned above, nobody is perfect and nobody knows everything. Unfortunately we like to pretend otherwise. We want and need help, but we're afraid to truly open up and admit it.

Ok, so back to successfully adapting in the mortgage banking industry today. When looking for help, it's imperative to be upfront and honest. You'll only stand in your own way if you pretend to understand certain processes which deep inside you know you don't. You will delay the necessary progress and changes if you hide your faults or hesitate to ask questions.

Our success often relies on the help from others.
Do not pretend to be perfect.
Do not hide faults or flaws.
Do not stand in your own way.